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HOPP Stockholm is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)  founded in 1999 which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The main aim of this organisation is to provide therapeutic and supportive sessions to people over 18 years of age, regardless of gender or gender identity, whom have been victims of rape, sexual violence and sexual abuse. No matter when the abuse happened, it could have been a few weeks ago or more than 30 years may have passed – our doors are always open.

Our educated therapists provide both private and group therapeutic sessions to help you process the consequences of your experience with sexual abuse. We work under ethical principles of confidentiality and you always have the choice to be anonymous. We provide counseling to other professionals who in their profession meet victims of rape or sexual abuse. We also give lectures about sexual abuse and its consequences.

If you have general questions, complains, or if you are  a member of the press, please contact the President of the organisation Liv Hougner at


We offer

If you are a victim of sexual abuse or rape, you are always welcome to contact us by mail or by phone and our staff of therapists will answer any questions that you might have. People come to us for the same reason, but with different experiences, problems and ways of coping. At HOPP Stockholm we give you a secure and safe place to talk about your experiences, and with the help of our therapists you will be able to form a coherent document of what actually happened and get a better understanding of how this has affected you.

Every person reacts differently to sexual abuse and rape. For some, the consequences of their experiences will appear instantly, for others it might take a few hours, a week or even several years of wellbeing. Common reactions are depression, loss of self-worth, anxiety, sexual problems, issues with social and intimate relations, eating and sleeping disorders, somatic pain, muscle tensions, flash-backs etc. Processing a trauma like rape or sexual abuse will often generate problems like those just mentioned, which may increase and decrease in intensity.
When starting a therapeutic process one can actually feel worse due to  memories returning or feelings becoming more intense – but  based on our experience opening up about your experiences and getting the tools and knowledge on how to manage and take control over your situation will ultimatetly helps you to move forward. Our follow-up surveys shows that through taking part of individual and group therapy the participants experience fewer feelings of shame and guilt, improvement in both their physical and mental health and they also feel more positive about their life and their relations.

In our group therapy sessions you will meet 10-15 times and each time you will work through a theme together with other people and one or two leaders. We work with closed groups and you can apply interest below. Clients pay a symbolic service fee of 100 SEK per private session or 500 SEK per group. We are not able to provide interpreters, and our working languages are Swedish and English.

Feel free to contact us at or give us a call or leave a message on the voice mail on +46 (0)8 641 86 38.


For professionals

We have 15 years of experience working with these questions. If you have a profession that puts you in contact with victims of sexual abuse we can teach you more about the consequences of sexual abuse and rape, how to deal with sexual integrity and how to provide therapeutic treatment and more. Please contact us  if you wish to make a proposal.

If you need professional counseling with a patient or client of your own, you are always welcome to  contact us for advice.

We wish to widen our network in order to provide more help for victims of sexual abuse or rape. We  work closely with  other NGO’s, lawyers, police officers etc on both a formal and informal level. If you have any suggestions or requests, please don’t  hesitate to contact us.

Contact us at or give us a call at +46 (0)8 641 86 38.